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Back roads to Adventures!

Our back roads hold wonders no matter the season. In a small twenty mile radius from the town of Santa Margarita, the bicyclist, motorcyclist, sports car or family wagon driver can find roads to explore as the early Spanish explorers did in times of past.

Any direction one travels during a good rain fall year can bring out the best in the wild flower show. Traveling east on Hwy 58 to Shell Creek Road and the Carrizo Plain National Monument with the Soda Lake boardwalk and Painted Rock area is one of historical beauty and quiet contemplations. The flora and wildlife can interest the birder, painter, and photographer in us all.

The Las Padres Forrest is a great destination for the motorcyclest to enjoy mountain trails to challenge all level of riders. Turkey Flats and Navaho Campgrounds welcome one and all.

For those wanting a longer drive, try the High Mountain Road starting at Pozo and ending at the Coast! Gas up in Santa Margarita and get your picnic supplies before you start exploring our hidden treasures.

4 x 4 Safari Advantures - Bring a snack, lace up your boots, bring your camera and climb aboard a true ranch 4 x 4 Safari vehicle. No doors, no windows, no roof to block your 36o° view of the beautiful hills above the Santa Margarita Lake. $50 for 1-7 adventure seekers. Reservations required.(805) 438-3895.

Margarita Adventures, Enjoy a memorable experience of Margarita Adventures zipline tour.adventure and accomplishment on our unique Zipline, Kayaking, Nature and Wildlife tours.

Shangri-La Ranch - Horseback Adventures. Enjoy horseback riding into some of the most beautiful country on the Central Coast. Ride through sun-dappled forrest, pristine meadows, and ancient rock formations. Come be a part of nature and experience wildlife in this "remote paradise on earth". Some of the wildlife that has been seen on and near Shangri-La Ranch are deer, bear, cougars, bald eagles, and all kinds of beautiful birds - just to name a few. Give us a call at (805) 438-3895 or check out our website at

Hollyhock Hollow Pygora Goats, Register Pygora Fiber goats. We sale: fiber, roving and yarn along with handmade support spindles. Appointments welcomed.
contact Jill Gallagher 805-438-3101

Hollyhock Hollow's Pygora Goats.

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