visit santa margarita, come explore our hidden treasures.

Santa Margarita Lake

One of our biggest treasures is our Santa Margarita Lake whichSign image at Santa Margarita lake entrance. holds areas to explore no matter the season. Early mornings can find kayaks skimming across the glassy water surface. If fishing is your thing, the lake has bass, stocked trout, catfish, crappie and bluegill. Fishing is good from the shore, or your boat or a rental boat available.

A hidden secret for the nature lover is thousands of acres of open space that is home to countless species of plants and wildlife. It is a perfect location for nature study. Deer, bears, mountain lions, eagles, osprey are just a few of the wildlife that make this area their home. Be sure to get a list of birds that migrate here when you arrive at the entrance gate - you will be surprised at the different species of birds traveling through on their way north or south. During the summer, take advantage of the pool, perfect to cool off on a hot summer day.